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This is what THEY say about it:
Traction Jack - Roadside Recovery Kit

Our most basic package, this kit is made of high-quality, polycomposite material. Great to get small to medium sized vehicles out of sand, snow, mud, etc. Supports up to a 10,000 pound vehicle; donít get caught without one in your trunk. Easily stores out of the way under seats or in trunks. Vehicles include ATV/UTVís, buggies, passenger cars, small SUVís, medium sized SUVís/Pick-Ups.

A variation of our most basic package, this kit is made of high-quality, colored polycomposite material. Great to get small to medium sized vehicles out of sand, snow, mud, etc. Supports up to a 10,000 pound vehicle; donít get caught without one in your trunk. Easily stores out of the way under seats or in trunks. Vehicles include ATV/UTVís, buggies, passenger cars, small SUVís, medium sized SUVís/Pick-Ups.

Traction Jack was developed to offer a multi-purpose tool for people who drive in demanding situations. It offers peace of mind when venturing into unknown areas alone or when driving in harsh conditions.

Traction Jack resembles a sand ladder to help you get unstuck from sand, snow, mud, gravel, etc. It also has the ability to aid in high centered vehicle situations when you have tires spinning in the air because the vehicle is bottomed out on something.

The patented, removable center mechanism is what makes the Traction Jack more versatile than the competition. Not only can you use it flat but it also raises up to 45 degrees like a jack for other applications.

Traction Jack can be used for normal recoveries, high centered recoveries, as a jack support if using a hi-lift or regular jack on a soft surface, as wheel blocks for hill parking and winching, as a bridging device, driveway jack stands for oil changes etc., boat trailer platforms, and a hard standing surface to get to a roof rack or when standing in soft terrain.


Here Is What WE Say About It:

Image The Traction Jack is the newest entry to the field of portable traction aid devices. We first talked to Jeff Brown, the inventor, in September of 2011 when he was a student at the Universtity of Texas in Austin and his idea was in it's infancy. After several prototypes, the first being made entirely of aluminum to the final product that we see today, Jeff kept at it to produce what he felt was the best device of its kind available today.

Jeff made his world wide debut at the SEMA show in Las Vegas this past November. Needless to say it got lots of attention as with the off-road industry and press at SEMA because of its unique design and good looks. We were lucky to get some of the first sets available from the production line in February and had the opportunity to bring them with us on four trips with Jeep Expeditions over the next two months.

The Traction Jack is available in two models, the Basic model which can handle vehicles up to 10,000 lbs and the HD model for vehicles up to 22,000 lbs. Since I don't think any of us have a Jeep weighing anywhere near 10,000 lbs (unless you are driving a Military Deuce and a Half), the basic set is satisfactory for the needs of most Jeep owners. The only thing to decide is which color to buy. The Traction Jack is avalable in Black or Yellow/Orange. Personally, I like the bright colors but I've heard that some people are buying a set of each and then putting a black panel with either a yellow or orange panel which also looks pretty sharp.

By the time you read this, Traction Jacks should be shipping with a carry bag, recovery ropes and a fold up shovel. Prices are reasonable and competitive with similar gear from other manufacturers.

The first thing you will notice when you take your Traction Jacks out of their box is the quality of construction. These bad boys are made right here in the USA, no Asia. The hinge that allow the "TJ" to fold up for easy transport/storage feels 100% solid. The "nubs" that help your tires grab onto the device are sufficient in size and numbers to do the job. Folded in half, the Traction Jack is just over 25" long and it opens up to 51". Each unit weighs in aound 14lbs. Before summer, custom spare tire mounts and roof rack mounts will be available to purhase from Traction Jack.

So how does the Traction Jack perform in real world conditions? Unfortunately we didn't encounter and deep sand or mud in any of our travels due to the weather conditions in the Arizona low and high deserts over the past couple of months but we were able to get a TJ Wrangler Rubicon high centered on purpose so we could try these out. The dirt pile was soft and as soon as the Jeep came to rest on the top of the berm on its t-case skid plate, all the front and rear wheels could do was spin even with the lockers fully engaged.

Now high centering a Jeep like we did really isn't a fair test of the ability of the Traction Jack but it still is a test. Because of how badly the Jeep was stuck on the hill, we just could not get the requrired traction we needed. We used the shovel that came with our unit to get it under the tires but it still took a bit of a tug on the Wrangler to get it so the t-case skid plate wasn't resting solidly on the top of the berm and the Traction Jacks then took over to get the Jeep back on level terra firma.

Now, there is one thing I cannot stress enough and that is READ the instructions that come with the Traction Jack. If you follow the instructions your new TJ's will give you years of good service and will be safe to use. The big thing to remember is pull out slowly and do NOT spin your tires. I see it happen all too many times, an inexperience Jeeper or one with a habitual lead foot will try to power their way out of mud or sand or an obstacle. That is wrong in so many ways, not only can you easily break and axle or another expensive component but you can also create an unsafe condition for you and those around you. It's no different with the Traction Jack, use low range and gently operate the gas pedal. If you try to power out you will do one or both of two things that are not good for your new Traction Jack: burn the "nubs" off it and/or send it airborne like an out of control surf board. Plus you still could break something expensive on your Jeep like an axle. So take it easy on your rig and your Traction Jack, you will get unstuck much quicker and easier that way.

We will keep looking for some really soft sand, perhaps some of the deep sand and "quick sand" in Canyon De Chelly in May will give us a real challenge. If not our trip to Mexico later this year there will be lots of deep sand and dunes. After a few more trials by fire with the Traction Jack we'll post a follow up review later this year or early 2016. I know from hearing other reports from around the country and seeing pictures that this unit would be a good addition to your recovery gear. They are compact and lots cheaper than a winch. It's not a question as to when you might need one, the question is when you do need one, will you have one available?

See this on Traction Jack's website Click here ----> The Traction Jack .

Check back monthly as we add new reviews as they are completed.

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